English Pronunciation for Teenagers / Young Adults / Working Adults @ Balakong C180, Cheras, Kajang 青少年/成人英语发音班

CreativeEdu® English Pronunciation for Teenagers / Young Adults / Working Adults @ Balakong C180, Cheras, Kajang

English Pronunciation course teaches you how to pronounce each sound in English so that you can pronounce correctly in the Standard English language. Through this course, you will gain knowledge to the various sounds and how to make them. You will come to know better of the parts in your mouth that help to create those sounds.

By knowing these things, you will have a complete understanding to why each sound is produced in such a way and as a result, you will be able to make those sounds by yourself. Of course, this is only after many practises with the instructor and on your own.

Learners are also encouraged to discuss their pronunciation problems with the instructor as not everyone shares the same difficulty in pronunciation. Once you have completed this course, you would have gained invaluable knowledge on how to pronounce correctly in which future practices will only require an English dictionary. There are three levels in this course, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

This course features lessons on:

  • Vowel and Consonant sounds and their symbols
  • Intonation and stress markers
  • Minimal pairs (words with similar sounds but different meanings)
  • Pronunciation of multiple syllable words
  • Word and sentence stress
  • Fluency practise in conversation

What you will experience:

  • Proper pronunciation of tricky or difficult words.
  • Interactive supplementary pronunciation activities.
  • Videos on how to pronounce each vowel and consonant.
  • How to effectively use the dictionary for self-practice.
  • A deeper understanding of your pronunciation problems.
  • Lessons are presented through the use of multimedia equipment.
  • Personal guidance by the instructor to help answer your pronunciation problems.
  • On-going feedback and guidance by the instructor.

Creative Edu®
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(beside JUSCO/AEON Cheras Selatan, Balakong C180)
Tel: 03-9075 2889 / 016-2228739 (Monday-Friday:2pm-10:30pm, Saturday: 10am-6pm)
Website: www.creativelearning.my

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