Advanced English for School Leavers

Advanced English for School Leavers

Are you having trouble with your English lectures, assignments or presentations at your university? Do you face problems is trying to understand them?

Many undergraduates usually face great challenges in completing their assignments as they are often confused as to how it should be written. They face a great hurdle when it comes to writing academically. Moreover, assignments are usually followed by presentations. Presentations are usually harder to carry out as you need to convey your ideas clearly to an audience. With most undergraduate courses now in English, it would be problematic if you have trouble trying to understand your lectures in English.

If these are your concerns then have no worries, we at Creative Edu(R) will assist you with our Advanced Preparatory English course. This course will have you ready to tackle on the hard challenges brought on by the English lectures, assignments and presentations at your university or college studies. This course will also address any concerns you may have in trying to adapt to the new changes that come when you are in tertiary education as almost everything you read and listen to in university, will be in English.

Our course contains lessons on Advanced Grammar that will expose you new knowledge on language structure. Learn it in our centre to make it easier to understand your English lectures at university. In addition, we provide activities that help to build up your presentation skills and note taking skills as these two skills are central in tertiary education. Finally, our course contains activities that will develop your critical and analytical skills through a collection of advanced reading passages. 

Syllabus contains:
  • Advanced Grammar lessons that contain interactive grammar activities.
  • Advanced Communicative and Reading Comprehension lessons that are packed with universally inspiring topics and activities.
  • Interactive activities that integrates the four major skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Authentic UK teaching materials to deliver a high impact and effective lesson.
More to offer:
  • Interactive learning software to bring dynamic learning to the classroom.
  • Multimedia teaching-learning experience.
  • Group based learning with personal guidance from our highly qualified, trained and dedicated instructors.
  • Immediately transform knowledge to practice with our well organized and systematic lessons.
Why should you sign up for this course?

Firstly, more employers are seeking out graduates that are proficient in English. English has become a must have acquired language for the working world.

Secondly, this course will help you understand your tertiary studies as it comes with advanced lessons on English communication skills that will have you become a more competent English speaking student. 

Finally, our course has a good balance of lectures and interactive activities.  This input-output approach provides you the opportunity to immediately put into practice the language skills you learn in every lesson.

Attend our Advanced Preparatory English class today, acquire the skills needed, intensify your English proficiency and be ready for your journey of tertiary study!
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